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DELIGHTFUL! Must visit

" Pom scores high in quality of food, presentation, dedication to service ... "

Source: CitySearch 10/27/2006
Posted by Laire

My first visit to a Thai restaurant in Maine turned out to be a delightful find. The owner Pom scores high in quality of food, presentation, dedication to service, and her strong desire to introduce Thai cuisine to people. The menu is extensive, and has a prix-fixe section for Thai food novices so that her guests have an opportunity to try out different dishes.
The owner went around the room making sure that the guests were comfortable, asked whether they enjoyed the dishes, and made recommendations about what they may enjoy. Pom has a beautiful smile and her passion for the cuisine shows through the attention she showers (without being overbearing) on her customers. Wonderful job, no doubt her innate talent was perfected through her training at a hospitality program in Rhode Island. (An article about her is posted on the front door of the restaurant.)

The wanton soup is flavorful. The broth is deep and fresh at the same time. The fresh spring rolls were filled with fresh Thai basil and a good-size shrimp. Noodle dishes were tasty. My seafood noodle dish came with LOADS of seafood (big plump shrimp, clamari, and scallops!) at a very affordable price. I could not help but to try the sweet potato custard for dessert - a seasonal special.

The aromatic flan-like dish with coconut milk and julienned sweet potatoes came topped with whipped cream, a cherry and a pink cocktail umbrella. A definite head-turner; easily induced a neighboring table to order one of their own. Definitely a good choice. The decor may need a little tweaking, but the energy of the place absolutely works. Take your friends and family and ask Pom for suggestions. She'll take good care of you.

  • Pros: food, service,
  • Cons: none
  • Overall user rating: Highly Recommended